Welcome to New Journalism – Part 2

Professor D. here.  I’m back.  I’ve decided to bring my blog back to life.  This will no longer be a “test” site for my multimedia classes, but actually a journal of sorts of what it is like to be a journalism professor in 2010.

St. Peter’s College, a small Jesuit school in Jersey city, hired me in 2008 to head up their new journalism program.  Before the world’s financial markets came crashing down, the administration at St. Peter’s thought it would be a great idea to expand their Communications program to make it more competitive in the college market.  And so, a journalism minor was born.  That same year, journalism as I knew it, started its freefall.  Newspapers and magazines shuttered, there were bankruptcy filings and hundreds of seasoned journalists were now looking for jobs.

And here I was at trying to recruit young students to the minor, reassuring them that the world of journalism is just in transition.  It will be okay. Since arriving last year, I’ve already had to tweak the program, adding a multimedia class.  And since I’m from the old school of journalism (B.Y.T, B.F.B., B.T — translation before You Tube, Before Facebook, Before Twitter) I found that I needed to do some studying fast.  I had to get up to speed with the modern post 2005 journalists that tube, tweet and update.  I worked in a union shops my entire TV career.  I never had to touch equipment.  I had to quickly adapt, learning to shoot and edit.

I’m now starting me third semester as a Journalism professor.  Right, now I have 5 journalism minors — two will be graduating in May.  This blog will detail the ups and downs of what it’s like to teach  the next generation of journalists.  Believe me, it isn’t easy.  Almost all my students do not read a newspaper, do not watch news on television or listen to news on the radio.    So what’s a journalism professor to do? Stay tuned …..


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