Walter Cronkite is tweeting!

After much thought, I think he would be tweeting.  Mr. Cronkite was not afraid of venturing into something different and new.  He became a television broadcaster when television news was in its infancy.  How brave was he!?  Many old school journalists would love to think that he would pooh-pooh social networking.  But let’s say Walter Cronkite was still alive, better yet, since this is my fantasy, let’s say he was in his mid-40s now, March 21.  I believe Uncle Water would be tweeting.  @Unclewater Enjoying a day on my boat with the family.

A paper I’m working on titled, “If Walter Cronkite Tweeted:  How Social Networking is Changing the Role of Today’s Journalists”, was recently accepted at an upcoming academic conference in Hawaii.  Everyday, I’ve been researching journalists who use social networking sites (some do a great job; others don’t) and those who refuse to embrace technology, saying that all this is just a fad.  Really, a fad???  Word of advice for those journalists on the bubble.  When your new executive producer asked you about hashtags, don’t say you don’t know what the specials are at the diner downstairs.


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