New semester, new blogs ….

My Multimedia Reporting class is in full swing.  The kids have their blogs up and some have already started posting.   They are covering a wide variety of topics this semester and I’m so happy that not one wanted to do an “entertainment” blog, gossiping about celebrities!  One student will muse about being gay in a still straight world.  Another will try to learn how to cook instead of eating out of a box like most college students.  One student has serious senioritis and her blog includes a countdown clock.  Another will muse about her longings to travel; while another will tell tales of roommates from hell.  One young man (of legal) age plans on going bar hopping.  And one young woman will blog about music most people usually miss out on.  And another will continue her popular blog on fashion, a blog that helped get her an internship at 17 Magazine.  And the list goes on … on the links on the right to read more.


One thought on “New semester, new blogs ….

  1. cmstarmer says:

    You should be setting an example by posting a little more often! I like reading your blog and it’s been a while. Students can fail their professors don’tcha know…

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