I Know You Missed Me!

I’m back teaching Multimedia Reporting and so that means it’s time to resurrect my Word Press blog.  It’s been several semesters since I last taught the class.  I took a break from teaching the class because the last time I taught it — Fall 2011 — only 4 students were enrolled.  Thank goodness the Dean didn’t cancel the class.  But I was a little dishearten that more students did not sign up, especially because I personally believe the future of journalism is in multimedia reporting.  So this semester, I have the opposite problem — and a problem I would prefer to have.  The class is over capacity.  I have 12 students, many who are journalism minors and editors for the school newspaper, the Pauw Wow.  It should be a great semester, despite the fact that we don’t have enough equipment for all my students.  But that belongs in a future blog post.

So let the semester begin!  One of their first assignments was to take pictures and tweet their favorite picture; the one picture that they believed best represented the snow-covered campus. Here are a couple of cool (no pun intended) examples: Hashtag #DeepFreeze.



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