The Common Reader – An Audio Slideshow

It’s rare to find a college student who loves to read for pleasure. Emily Alequin, a student in my Multimedia Journalism, class produced this audio photo slideshow featuring a young woman’s love for books. Check it out!

Amateur Book Hoarder

One requirement of my multi-media reporting class was to create a photo/audio slideshow that would tell a story. The images had to convey the story and the voice would carry the message. For my topic I chose to interview someone on their thoughts of the world of publishing and print, more specially, books.

A majority of people enjoy reading. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, most people are attracted to the written word. Reading connects us in a way and we are able to learn through it and get a better understanding of our own minds and the minds of other creative people. In this short slideshow, Bernice Olona – a common reader – explains what attracts her to books. Bookshops and the everyday reader’s experiences with them are also mentioned.

The bookstores photographed for this project are all located in the lower and midtown areas of Manhattan. As the most…

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